Growing Bricks for Building

A Bay Area designer named Phillip Ross may have taken the expression “mushrooming buildings” too literally. He recently developed an eco-friendly building material using the core structure of mushrooms known as the mycelium. Aptly named Biobricks (not to be mistaken for the biobricks used for grilling), these possess the strength and durability of concrete without the weight.

Natural toughness

The mycelium from mushrooms provides the core strength of the Biobrick, but only fast-growing species cultivated under the right conditions may be used. The mycelium is then mixed together with agricultural waste like straw and corn husks, then molded and set into bricks. The finished product is so incredibly dense that it’s actually fire-resistant. It also resists mold, making it the ideal building material.

Not available…yet

Home builders and contractors shouldn’t be putting Biobricks on their list of building supplies in Long Island just yet. Although Biobricks are gaining popularity in different locations across the country, local administrators and construction authorities have yet to include and regulate their use in existing building codes. Nonetheless, advocates for green building alternatives are hopeful that this becomes the standard for majority, if not all, modern structures.

Renewable resource

Being able to grow light and durable building material like Biobricks opens up endless possibilities for the construction industry. While this latest innovation is still under scrutiny, however, builders and homeowners can rely on trusted suppliers to provide the best possible materials for their construction needs.


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