Designing Kitchens by Taking a Few Steps Back

Americans are good at keeping their heritages intact. All over the country, some homes dating back to the colonial era are still standing today, complete with modern families and amenities. To preserve as much of these distinctive qualities as possible, their owners choose to play along with the original theme when remodeling.

Of course, any remodeling project done today won’t be genuine. Era-specific materials give way to modern ones to preserve a vintage house’s looks and safety. Nevertheless, this won’t stop contractors from crafting the materials to look like it belongs to the house’s original period. Designs from the past to the foreseeable future are easily replicated thanks to present technology.

Cabinetry, for example, can be designed with the era of the house in mind. Colonial cabinetry heavily relies on plank door design, a look associated with vertical wood planks nailed to short horizontal braces. Colonial homes were the trend between the 17th and 19th centuries despite neoclassical trends emerging as early as the mid-18th century.

Given that New York is one of the Thirteen Colonies, it isn’t unusual for colonial design trends to permeate among historic homes. However, it’s also not unusual to see diversity in designs due to the changes the state has seen over the years. Long Island, for instance, plays host to colonial, neoclassical, and Victorian homes, among others.


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