Tips on Choosing Cabinets for Your Kitchen

A successful search for durable, long-lasting cabinetry for your new home requires a keen eye and an adequate knowledge of what meets the best standards for quality. Below are some important things for you to check.

Judge it by the cover.

Check the finish closely and watch out for chips, uneven applications, and abrasions, as these are signs of poor quality. If painted, ask how many layers of coating were applied and what paint brand was used. Check the sealing too, as this protects against damage due to moisture. Avoid those with a fake wood surface as this chips away over time, exposing the pressboard.

The slides should glide.

Check if the slides are durable and thick enough to withstand frequent operation. Quality drawer slides are often made with heavy gauge steels and equipped with a ball bearing for a smoother glide. Also, if you notice it gets stuck frequently or is heavy to operate, look for other options.

Overly-attached is good.

Turn a cabinet drawer upside down then check how the joints are connected. If they are merely pinned, glued, or stapled together, then the cabinet is less likely to last long, and to endure the weight from heavy objects.

Choose your contractor wisely.

Opt for one with years of experience and good reputation. Competent contractors would direct you to the best supplier of materials for your kitchen. Find a good remodeling contractor too, because quality cabinetry would be wasted if not properly installed.


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