Home Improvement Tips: Building a Deck

One of the most popular remodeling projects for homes today is building a deck. A deck can serve as an outdoor extension of the living room. If you’re planning a home improvement project that involves decking, be sure to consider the following:

Select high-quality fasteners. The fasteners are just as important as the main material of the deck. When decks develop problems, it’s more likely that the failure is in the fasteners instead of the deck material. The deck will last longer if the screws are not prone to corrosion and other damage.

Secure necessary permits. The height and size of your planned deck may necessitate a permit depending on the building codes of the locality. Avoid problems later by ensuring you have the required permits.

Know your material options. Decks are traditionally made of wood and there are many types to choose from. Materials other than wood are also being used today. Discuss your options with your building materials supplier.

Add railings. You can enhance the look of your deck by surrounding it with beautiful railings. They don’t just look good; they also add safety for high decks.

Space boards adequately. Over time and due to weather changes, the boards of a deck can contract or expand. That means they have to be spaced well; 1/8 inch is standard.


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