Get MDF Moldings to be More Cost-effective

Molding is usually made of softwood, however, these are quickly becoming expensive. Fortunately, many builders have already adopted the newer materials in their work, which could hopefully minimize the effects that expensive molding products will have on the industry.

One example of these new products is molding made from medium density fiberboard (MDF), which is one of the hottest items of Contractor Express, a recognized provider of building supplies in Long Island, New York, and elsewhere. Builders favor MDF because it is a stiff, dense, and flat molding material, making it an excellent choice for door, window, and ceiling trims (or a combination thereof).

Going into specifics, MDF moldings are popular because they’re composed of fine particles that don’t have an easily recognizable surface grain. What this means is that they can be cut, filed, drilled, or machined without damaging their surface, in addition to their ability to accept most types of wood paints and thinners with ease. Metrie, the leading producer of solid and composite wood moldings in North America, capitalizes on these properties by offering Ultralite MDF moldings, which are lighter and much easier to work with.

Hopefully, these suppliers have MDF moldings in stock, considering that softwood moldings are going to be a lot harder to come by these days.


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