Drawing a Line on some Countertops

People who enjoy whipping up a storm in the kitchen are bound to feel more inspired when their countertops appear pristine and dazzling. Kitchen remodeling technology over the years has sufficiently advanced to produce a wide variety of countertop materials that are equally fashionable and sturdy. If you are on the market for kitchen countertops, here are some materials worth a look:


Granite countertops have made many a remodeler satisfied, as they come in innumerable elegant patterns. While granite is easy to clean and highly resistant to heat being an igneous rock, you must prepare it for sealing every year, and the cabinets supporting them must be strong enough to handle their weight.

Solid Surface

Solid surface countertops are usually a combination of acrylic and polyester. Kitchen remodel contractors vouch for it being so easy to machine and assemble. The low-maintenance quality has made solid surface a choice material in many kitchens for decades.


Quartz countertops are touted as perfectly combining the easy maintenance of solid surface countertops with the natural patterns inherent in any stone-based countertop. Some people say that while you may have limited options for quartz countertops, the low maintenance value more than makes up for that shortcoming.


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