Trends and Tips on Redesigning Kitchen Countertops

The National Kitchen & Bath Association members have released their top trends for 2015, which you may want to keep in mind when recommending design ideas to your clients. According to the association’s members, countertops should be among the first elements to consider in kitchen remodeling. Here are some of their tips on countertop selection:

Choosing Materials

Quartz is becoming the material of choice by many people. Marble-like and durable, quartz countertops are preferred by those who want a minimalistic style and less maintenance in their kitchen.

Moreover, it could be a good idea to mix and match countertop materials. As a rule of thumb, do not use two different materials that both depict movement. Match solid tiles with veined ones for a more harmonious finish. Encourage homeowners to choose the material that catches their attention the most–all countertop materials are great in their own way.

Design Tips

In an open home plan where the kitchen countertop is visible from other parts of the home, the countertop material should work well with the other colors and materials within the same open space. In designing countertops, encourage homeowners to get creative by adding edges or backsplashes. Edges give personality to countertops, while stepped or curved backsplashes add areas of interest in the kitchen without compromising the budget.


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