Trends for Kitchen Countertops in Long Island

The design of kitchen countertops may either enhance or impair a kitchen’s overall aesthetics. From versatile tiles to eco-friendly wood, materials used for surfaces have different characteristics and installation costs. Among these products, most countertops today are being upgraded or installed using engineered quartz to combine the stone’s appearance with general lack of maintenance. Below are a few reasons for the imitated stone’s popularity this year:

  • Affordable Prices

In the past, quartz countertops were mostly seen in upscale homes due to its high rates in the market. As prices have lowered this year, many homeowners have started investing in them to add value to their home. Being an engineered product, the structure of quartz removes the confusion of slab variations. When you purchase this substance, you simply have to request the amount you need from the contractor.

  • Natural-Looking

The popularity of quartz countertops may also be attributed to its natural-looking beauty offered in different styles and colors. Whether you desire a marble semblance or an earth-colored exterior, the artificial stone may be processed in any form that will accommodate your design preferences. Even with uniform slabs, quartz counters’ edging styles may still be modified in some manufacturers.

  • Durability

The characteristic that adds to the fabricated rock’s appeal for many kitchen users is its high resistance to heat, scratches and stains. Moreover, quartz is stronger compared to other stones, helping counters resist scratches and breakage.


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