Choosing Unique Kitchen Countertops in Long Island

With various choices at their disposal, most homeowners find it challenging to choose the right counter for their kitchen. Since the surface of your kitchen influences many decisions that you make while looking to enhance appearance, it is good to choose tops that are beautiful. Here are countertop options that can help improve your kitchen.

Granite for longevity

This is a natural stone that has been used over the years and comes in different colors. You can match the surface of your counters with the rest of the room by choosing a color that complements the appearance. It can last long if well taken care of, yet its surface is smooth and does not soak dirt.

Stunning recycled glass

Apart from being eco-friendly, recycled glass offers a smooth surface that is scratch resistant. This material has been used to make custom counters. It is easy to clean and does not crack even when the weather is harsh.


While most people think about butcher block when wood countertops are mentioned. Most of these tops are made from materials like mahogany and other popular varieties like madrone. Wood offers a cozy feel and infuses warmth into the kitchen.


This material has been a staple in labs for years thanks to its durability and resistance to chemical corrosion. When used as a kitchen countertop, it offers the same advantages, while lending your kitchen a unique look.


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