Renovation Projects: Benefits of Laminate Flooring

When it comes to renovating a home, the floor is one of the most important aspects. Its color, material type, and design play a role on the final appearance of your living space. Laminate has many advantages over the different styles of floors you can install. When it comes time to redesign your Long Island home or when you need materials for a renovation project, consider what laminate flooring can do for you.

Many Styles to Choose From

Laminate flooring comes in a vast array of colors, shades, designs, and styles perfect for virtually any project or home renovation. As the popularity of the product increases, so does the palette offered by manufacturers. Regardless of the home’s aesthetics, there is a good chance you’ll find a laminate product that can accentuate a particular room.

Easy Installation

Laminate is among some of the easiest floors to install. It could only take you a couple of hours to lay down new flooring of this type in any room. This could be a great time saver for homeowners, or contractors should the client prefer this kind of flooring.


Made with high-grade materials, many laminate floors can withstand a great deal of wear and tear. Considering the fragility of carpet and padding, this kind of floor can be superior in almost every way. A lot of products even offer 10-year warranties supporting the longevity of laminate.

Overall Installation Cost

When it comes to cost, a large selection of laminate is ultimately more effective. It reduces man-hours as well as materials for installation. For projects that require a lower investment, laminate may be one of the best options to consider.


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