Kitchen Countertops Pull Kitchen Decor Together

Consumers who are designing a new kitchen place a lot of focus on many details of the space. When it comes to kitchen countertops, some people only think about the material they are made from. Some consumers don’t stop to think about how the color of the countertop can have a big impact on the overall design of the kitchen.

When recommending a countertop to the homeowner, take the overall color palette of his/her kitchen into account. It helps to think of the countertop as a primary accent to the color scheme. The walls make up the primary color. The cabinets are a main accent color. Countertops are a secondary accent color.

Some homeowners tend to lean more toward neutral or natural colors when they are choosing a countertop. That works well for a lot of people since they can update the wall colors later to give the kitchen a new look without changing the countertop, but that isn’t the only option that homeowners have.

Homeowners can also choose a colored countertop for the kitchen if they are sure they will continue to enjoy that color for years to come. An example of this would be a kitchen that is done in a country theme with yellow walls and white trim. A dark red countertop would add some color to the area and would likely match decor that the homeowner is going to put in the kitchen.

When going over design schemes for kitchens with the homeowner, think of the countertop as the item that will pull the entire scheme together.


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