Decking Material Options: Wood vs. Composite

Residential decks never seem to move away from the construction spotlight. According to Houzz, decking is still one of the most sought after elements in home landscaping projects.  As an extended living space, decks provide homeowners the opportunity to simultaneously enjoy the outdoors with the comfort of home.  

Decks are suitable for homes with inclined outdoor spaces. They’re also perfect for structures that sit high above the ground. Plus, you can build a deck as high as you need it to be. Adding a deck to a home is no simple project for it entails the consideration of a good number of factors, starting with the right materials to use for the boards.

Decking board options are generally divided between wood and composite. Composites are technically engineered wood, normally made up of plastic and wood fibers. Modern incarnation of composite products now come covered with a thin plastic coating to prevent fading or staining. Composite material is a cost-effective investment as it is easily maintained yet highly resistant to rotting and scratches.

Meanwhile, wood offers a luxury and warm appeal to any contemporary home. Compared to composites, wooden decks have higher maintenance requirements, but their natural elegance can more than make up for this shortcoming.


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