Countertop Colors to Match Your Kitchen

If the dominant color in your kitchen is black or white, then you should also pick a countertop with the same theme. You can either go for an all-black, all white, or a stained design that blends these two colors. You should, however, remove any bold color accents that can ruin the overall appeal.


If your kitchen’s décor centers on modern stainless steel and glass, then you could consider bolder colors like red and blue for your countertop for a whimsical spin or spirited flair. With the proper shade and lighting, your countertop can take the center stage and make itself the focal point of your modern-styled kitchen.


Hardwood cabinets and flooring are best matched with gold, or cream-hued countertops; these colors can deliver a balanced and earthy feel throughout the entire kitchen. It would work wonderfully, too, with random touches of colors in the kitchen room, as cream can neutralize any overwhelming element and harmonize with every other décor in the room. Cream is also the color most recommended if you are planning to sell your home, because they are “safe” colors that can match with endless design possibilities.

As a final reminder, always remember that proper and adequate lighting is just as important as the colors themselves; in fact the lighting can cast such a stunning effect on your interiors, including the kitchen, so choose wisely.


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