Top Kitchen Remodeling Trends for Contractors

When a homeowner wants to remodel their home with the help of kitchen contractors, they might not be sure of where to start with their project. Long Island kitchen contractors can help even the choosiest of homeowners to select on-trend designs and products that will help to beautify their homes, add value to their residences and make their kitchens more user-friendly and functional.

Luxury Additions
Kitchen contractors are increasingly installing luxury additions into ornate Long Island homes. One of the most popular types of these additions is a coffee center. A stand-alone brewer is no longer what most homeowners want. Instead, contractors are installing built-in brewing stations with frothers, steamers, brewers and more.

Dual Duty Appliances
Experienced kitchen contractors have worked with some of the leading manufacturers of kitchen appliances to create dual fuel systems. These ovens allow for a greater level of precision and efficiency in the kitchen. When contractors install one of these systems, the homeowners can then enjoy activities like indoor grilling on the same appliance as where they are baking a batch of cookies and sauteing fresh vegetables.

Built-ins are one of the leading requests of kitchen contractors in Long Island. Modern homeowners are looking to have sleek devices such as wine chillers, stylized dishwashers and custom dish storage centers built into their kitchen’s cabinetry and into or around the counter tops. These built-ins are often customized or made to order for the customer.


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