Popular Types of Earth Friendly Kitchen Counters

Earth friendly, or “green” kitchen counters are a growing trend in the home construction, remodeling, and improvement industry. In newly built and renovated Long Island homes, these environmentally friendly and sustainable products are popping up in all architectural styles of homes and in all types of budgets. Contractors who install these counters are noticing that certain materials are rising in popularity faster than others.

Recycled Glass
Recycled glass is one of the trendiest green kitchen counter materials. Made from a cement, concrete, or resin base, these counters incorporate pieces of recycled consumer glass products. When natural or artificial light shines onto the counters, the kitchen becomes brightened and aesthetically appealing.

Bamboo mimics the look of hardwood and offers a durable finish that can be used just like butcher or chopping block counters. Bamboo grows quickly and can be cultivated with minimal use of fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. The adhesives used in building kitchen counters made of bamboo only give off gas at a minimal amount compared to the glues that are used on other non-green products.

Recycled Paper
The newest product available to building contractors for use as kitchen counters is recycled paper. Built upon a layered resin base, bits of colored or white recycled paper are adhered together to create a thick surface. The finished counters are resistant to heat and stains. These green kitchen counters resemble natural stones and can come with a matte or glossy surface finish.


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