The Top Five Trends In Creative Kitchen Designs

Creating unique features and looks for today’s kitchen is based on practicality and style. If you are helping others to upgrade their kitchen, then you will want to consider the trending looks. There are specific materials and building designs that are now recognized for their convenience and style. These top five trends in kitchen design in Long Island offer a different approach when helping with a renovation or modelling project.

1. Wood Cabinets. The use of wood as a primary material continues to move in and out of style. Right now, this is a top choic for contemporary looks. Designers are interested in the darker materials, such as cherry or mahagony, or may move into white wood for an open and inviting kitchen.

2. Consolidation. If you are involved in the planning process of a kitchen design, then consider the practicality of consolidation. Integrating spaces is now popular for smaller areas. Adding slide out shelving for extra storage, placing freezers under cabinets and other add in areas offers practicality with space and convenience for those who like to organize kitchen appliances.

3. Open Areas. A popular, Long Island look is to have an open area in the kitchen. A bar with stools on one side, open space to a dining room and extra floor room are some of the popular designs you can suggest. These allow family and friends to gather around the cooking area while food is being prepared.

4. Spotlights. A new look that is coming in is to beam lights in certain areas. If you are planning a kitchen design with someone, try suggesting a classy look that allows control over lighting one area, such as the stove, cutting area, or shelving space. Instead of hanging one major light, this allows you to see the details of what you are preparing.

5. Open Shelving. While many are looking at more shelving and consolidation, others are going into open shelving as an option. This cuts out the front area and allows everything to be seen in the kitchen. This option is perfect for those who have China cutlery, wine or special glasses that they want to display.

With these kitchen design options, you will easily be able to plan materials and designs for renovation. The popular, Long Island looks offer comfort, style and a modern day sense of practicality to those who are refurbishing or designing a new kitchen.


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