Kitchen Renovation Shopping Guide for Contractors

Most homeowners will request the trendiest kitchen design schemes during a major renovation project. If you want to serve these clients, you must invest in key products in order to remodel modern and vintage kitchen spaces professionally and efficiently.

Use Bold Paint

When you’re hired to renovate a kitchen that’s dull and unappealing, you can impress the client by painting the walls a bold color. To create a focal point, apply a light or dark paint in every cabinet in the space.

Use Industrial Lighting

Your clients will need plenty of lighting, so you may want to invest in industrial light fixtures. The trendiest fixtures are usually made of stainless steel, black steel, copper, or brass.

Install an Industrial Kitchen Island

Mobile kitchen islands are very popular because they are highly efficient and very functional. If you offer these islands to your clients, they will get additional counter space without any restrictions.

Install Efficient Cabinets

During a kitchen renovation project in a vintage home, you should recommend new cabinet blueprints to your client. Pull-out shelves are extremely useful because they give homeowners easier access to various ingredients.

Install New Flooring

According to experts, porcelain flooring is the best option for homeowners who are on a budget. Porcelain is available in many textures, patterns, and shades, so you won’t have any problems finding flooring that matches the design scheme in your typical kitchen.


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