Deck Material Buying Guide for Contractors

If you’re a contractor in Long Island, you’ll need to buy a variety of wood materials for deck building projects. You’ll construct a better foundation for a medium and large deck if you understand each material’s pros and cons.

Pine Material

Pine is an affordable, eco-friendly building material. If you’d like to work with a simple wood, pine is a good choice. However, once the deck is built, you’ll have to paint and stain it to protect the surfaces from the elements.

Mahogany Material

Mahogany is a great material for upscale homes because the wood grains are elegant. The only disadvantage is that mahogany requires frequent maintenance throughout the year.

Redwood Material

Redwood has unique grains that stand out on residential properties. If you build a deck out of redwood in a community that gets a lot of rain, the deck will remain strong because the material is weather-resistant.

Cedar Material

You should build cedar decks in neighborhoods that receive harsh weather. Because cedar is tough, it won’t warp or twist when the temperature rises or drops. However, you shouldn’t place a cedar deck in a risky environment because the material peels and scratches very easily.

Key Considerations

Whenever a client needs a deck built in a location that gets plenty of sunlight, choose a dark wood because it won’t get extremely hot when the temperature rises. To ensure long-lasting results, the client should apply a fresh coat of stain on the surfaces every other year.


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