Environmentally Friendly Building Supplies

While most of today’s building materials have better features, they have a long carbon footprint and they are not sustainable. When traditional building supplies are produced in factories, a lot of CO2 is released into the air. If you’d like to help the environment, you should invest in highly efficient, eco-friendly building supplies.

Wool Bricks

Wool bricks were developed because the industry needed non-toxic, highly sustainable building supplies. Wool bricks are made with a unique polymer which makes the outer surfaces very strong and extremely durable. You should use these bricks in communities that get cold, wet weather.

Solar Tiles

When traditional roof tiles are manufactured at facilities, workers mold the materials out of clay and concrete. The biggest issue is that a lot of energy is used throughout the manufacturing process. Solar tiles are better than standard roof materials because less energy is consumed throughout the production phase. Also, on a hot day, the solar tiles absorb sunlight extremely well.

Sustainable Concrete

According to experts, sustainable concrete reduces CO2 emissions by nearly five percent. At most factories, manufacturers make sustainable concrete out of recycled material. A typical mix includes wood chips and plenty of crushed glass. If you build structures with sustainable concrete for your clients, they won’t notice any major differences because the recycled materials don’t dramatically modify the concrete’s physical characteristics.

Paper Insulation

Paper insulation is made with calcium carbonate and boric acid, so it isn’t vulnerable to heat damage and insect damage. To achieve the best results during a building project, you must place the insulation in various wall cavities and in multiple cracks.


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