Wood Material Buying Guide for Cabinets

Many people who have houses in upscale communities will likely request cabinets that are constructed out of sophisticated materials. To build classic fixtures for these clients, you must buy trendy wood supplies that have stylish grain patterns.


Alder is a great choice for homeowners who need cabinets that blend well in a rustic design scheme. At most supply stores, you can buy alder that’s pale red or brown. Although alder is a softwood, the material makes very stable and solid kitchen cabinets.


Maple is manufactured in multiple finishes and in a variety of styles. No matter what type of wood you choose, you’ll have opportunities to build elegant cabinets for your clients. Each design will be impressive because maple has a unique grain pattern, which gives the wood a stylish appearance.


When compared to other woods, oak has its own unique characteristics. A typical slab will have multiple holes, a variety of knots, and various mineral deposits. Oak manufacturers cut the lumber strategically so that the wood grains will stand out. If you serve clients who prefer artistic fixtures, you may want to build their cabinets out of oak.


Pine is a great building material for kitchens that have a country design scheme. This wood has a light yellow shade, which can be easily stained. Although pine is affordable, the material must be handled with care because it isn’t very durable.


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