Deck Stain Buying Guide for Contractors

If you serve clients in Long Island who have decks, you’ll need plenty of stains for different wood surfaces. To achieve the best results, always select a stain that has UV inhibitors.

Key Considerations

When choosing a stain, consider the color of the home because the stain must match the home’s exterior design. You can simplify the process by sampling your chosen stain on an area of the deck that’s not noticeable. After you have found a proper shade, tone, and tint, carefully choose a sheen that blends nicely with the deck and the home.

Deck Stain Opacities

A deck stain that has a clear sheen should be used if a client wants to highlight the beauty of the wood. It’s the best type of stain for teak, redwood, and cedar because it provides an extra layer of protection.

If a homeowner has a natural wood deck, you may want to apply a tinted deck stain on the surfaces. This kind of stain hides accidents very well, so it‘s a great choice for inexperienced contractors.

A semitransparent deck stain has a heavier formula, so it should be used on an older deck. The coating will stand out after it dries because all of the pigments will be uniformed.

A solid deck stain is another good option for an older deck since the hues hide wear and tear quite well. Because it’s a very dense stain, the wood grain won’t be noticeable after the product dries.


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