Because the kitchen is one of the busiest sections of the house, it’s important to use construction materials that enhance its functionality. Flooring poses a crucial component because of the sheer foot traffic it receives. It should be non-slip for safety and stain resistant for easy cleanup. It goes without saying that the floor must also appeal to the eye and coordinate with the kitchen’s theme.


If you’re about to become one of the many kitchen contractors working to embellish a household, the materials selected must meet both functional and esthetic demands. If a client is set on a material that may not offer optimal results in both aspects, you can try nudging them along in the right direction by pointing out all the options.

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Working in the construction industry requires you to be prompt with your deliverables. Since you’re working on a home or an office, which directly affects the daily lives of the people who will be using it, you must ensure that you are working according to plan, on schedule, and using quality materials.

You will need a steady stream of building supply materials so you can work uninterrupted. Here are some practical tips to ensure an easier time sourcing the right materials.

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Long Island Windows: 5 Great Reasons to Go With Fiberglass Material


Are you planning to replace the windows of your Long Island home, but are unsure which material to choose? You may have considered traditional choices such as wood or vinyl, but have you thought about using fiberglass instead? If you’ve been frequently frustrated with your old window material, fiberglass windows could give you the breath of fresh air you’re looking for, literally and figuratively.

Quality fiberglass windows sold by Long Island windows suppliers such as Contractors Express provide plenty of benefits that not all window types offer. Take a look at five of the biggest benefits below.


Fiberglass is a tough material made up of tightly bound and bonded fibers, which creates an equally strong and lightweight window material. Their superior strength-to-weight ratio make them ideal for large window openings. Read more on this article:

Kitchen Remodeling Tips: 3 Countertop Options for the Modern Kitchen


When it comes to kitchen countertops, many people quickly imagine having granite countertops installed-and who can blame them? Granite countertops are timeless and lend a touch of elegance to any kitchen, making them a perfect choice for those who prefer a classic look.

If you will be doing kitchen remodeling to create a modern look, then granite countertops may not be the option you prefer. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to granite countertops available on the market that look right in any modern kitchen. Some of these options include:

Solid Surface

Tired of granite, but still prefer the look of stone in your home? You may want to take a look at solid surface countertops. These special countertops are designed to mimic the look of many popular solid stone countertops. The big difference here is that solid surface is non-porous, which means bacteria cannot penetrate past the top layer. This creates a cleaner and more sanitary kitchen. Read more on this article:

Long Island Kitchen Contractors Answer 5 Kitchen Remodeling Questions


Are you planning to have your kitchen remodeled? You may have more questions than answers at this stage. Ultimately, you want your kitchen renovation to give you a functional, smart-looking space that provides efficiency, comfort, and aesthetics. To help you get there, your Long Island kitchen contractors answer some of the biggest questions you need to ask yourself to help you realize the kitchen of your dreams.

Do I need to have a specific design in mind?

No, but it can help if you do. Keep in mind that you need to be flexible with your design choices, because they may not be feasible with your current kitchen setup. For instance, you can’t have a granite countertop if the support system doesn’t allow it. That said, you’ll need to work together with your chosen contractor to develop your wants and needs for your new kitchen. Read more on this article:

Long Island Building Supplies—Update Your Windows for the Summer


A change of season can be the perfect time to update your home’s appearance. As summer approaches, changing the look of your windows can be a great way to welcome the sun into your home. You don’t have to put in a lot of effort—something as simple as swapping out your curtains can make a sizable impact to your home’s overall ambiance. Don’t think so? Here are five decorating tips from your Long Island building supplies dealer to ensure your little update makes the most impact.

Choose bright colors

Use natural warm colors such as yellows, greens and blues for a soothing and refreshing look. Choose light materials that billow with the wind for an airy feel. Match the colors of your window treatments to your throw pillows and area rugs for a unified look. This will make the space feel extra inviting. Read more on this article:



Demand for kitchen renovations and upgrades will only continue to rise, especially because this particular section of the house contributes a lot to a home’s value. This is why homeowners in Long Island and elsewhere are more willing to spend for this kind of project. They find it even more appealing that it lends the most popular spot in the house a fresher and more functional look. Following are just some of the more popular kitchen design trends earning favor from interior design industry experts this year.

Discreet Storage

Traditionally, open pantries fail to draw much appeal in the kitchen because they promote a visible clutter instead of a smartly organized arrangement. To strike a compromise between aesthetics and functionality, hidden storage cubbies or cabinets are becoming more mainstream. Multilevel shelves and drawers, discreetly tucked away or lying behind another door or panel, prove to be clutter busters when it comes to countertops. Read more from this blog: