Because the kitchen is one of the busiest sections of the house, it’s important to use construction materials that enhance its functionality. Flooring poses a crucial component because of the sheer foot traffic it receives. It should be non-slip for safety and stain resistant for easy cleanup. It goes without saying that the floor must also appeal to the eye and coordinate with the kitchen’s theme.


If you’re about to become one of the many kitchen contractors working to embellish a household, the materials selected must meet both functional and esthetic demands. If a client is set on a material that may not offer optimal results in both aspects, you can try nudging them along in the right direction by pointing out all the options.

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Long Island Kitchen Contractors Answer 5 Kitchen Remodeling Questions


Are you planning to have your kitchen remodeled? You may have more questions than answers at this stage. Ultimately, you want your kitchen renovation to give you a functional, smart-looking space that provides efficiency, comfort, and aesthetics. To help you get there, your Long Island kitchen contractors answer some of the biggest questions you need to ask yourself to help you realize the kitchen of your dreams.

Do I need to have a specific design in mind?

No, but it can help if you do. Keep in mind that you need to be flexible with your design choices, because they may not be feasible with your current kitchen setup. For instance, you can’t have a granite countertop if the support system doesn’t allow it. That said, you’ll need to work together with your chosen contractor to develop your wants and needs for your new kitchen. Read more on this article:

Materials the Contractors Use for a Countertop Determine Kitchen Style

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Contractors in Long Island, NY are usually at the forefront of what’s trending in the home improvement industry. When you talk to your kitchen contractors about function, durability and aesthetic appeal, one subject that’s bound to come up is the countertop, particularly its design and construction. Depending on your desired aesthetic impact and intended use, material is a factor that must be considered carefully. Still, to give you an idea of what is on the market today, here are a few popular selections.

Modern Vibe

 This may seem like an unusual choice outside of a restaurant kitchen, but many homeowners are becoming enamored by the futuristic look and sense of spaciousness that stainless lends to all of their kitchen surfaces and appliances. The fact that it’s impervious to scratches, heat-resistant and easy to keep clean are a few more benefits that add to the overall appeal of this light-weight, durable material. This is a good choice for a smaller kitchen due to the mirror effect of the material. Read more from this blog.

Kitchen Contractors Need to Know These Hot Design Trends for 2017


There’s one question that kitchen remodel contractors often hear from clients: “What’s trendy these days.” As such, you need to keep abreast of all the design trends to be able to provide wise counsel. To make it easier for you, here are the top trends of 2017 you should know about:

Brass Fixtures

As Long Island kitchen contractors may have noticed, brass has made quite the comeback in recent years. This is due to the alloy’s ability to bring a sophisticated gold tone to any kitchen without costing a fortune. This is why you should expect more clients to demand this stylish metal in their redesign requests. Possible applications could include cabinet handles, lighting fixtures, faucets, and the like. Read more from this blog.

Walk-in Pantry Design Considerations for Savvy Long Island Contractors


There are obviously many things to consider when designing a kitchen. NY Long Island kitchen contractors must first answer a number of questions before they can proceed with the work. Does the homeowner prefer an open space or an isolated one? If the homeowner requests for a walk-in pantry, will it work well for the available space? These considerations can be overwhelming, but as long as you consider the homeowner’s lifestyle, you can get started on the right foot.

The allure of the walk-in pantry

A walk-in pantry offers plenty of benefits, and homeowners are increasingly looking for it in their homes. If the home you’re working on lacks a pantry but has a storage space that’s not really being optimized, you can recommend the renovation of the space and turn it into a walk-in pantry where dry goods and non-perishables can be stored. If the available space is large enough, even kitchen items, accessories, and appliances can be stored in there, which will help the kitchen look more organized. Read more on this article.


The Don’ts of Kitchen Remodeling that Contractors Need to Remember

Kitchen remodeling can be a tricky job because it’s not just about refurbishing the sink, the countertops, or the floor. It’s also about matching the design and the layout to the needs of the family and the purpose of the kitchen. Attention to these design elements will culminate in a new kitchen that functions as intended.

It is extremely important for Long Island kitchen contractors to fully coordinate with homeowners who want to turn this major hub in their home into a functional area where the entire family can gather and prepare food together. Coordination with the client will prevent the contractor from committing some major “don’ts” involved in a kitchen remodel.

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Why You Should Get Help from Kitchen Contractors for Your Remodeling


Seeing elegant kitchens in magazines, you may think you can accomplish these lofty remodeling projects. It turns out, however, that these projects are demanding both mentally and physically. Save the stress by hiring a kitchen contractor, who can do wonders with your kitchen remodel.

Save You Money

Money is probably a major concern when it comes to any remodel. Fortunately, there are things contractors in Long Island, NY can do to lower these costs, like making their floor plans perfect the first time so no additional work is needed once the renovation is completed. A good contractor will take out all of the guesswork, and give you access to cost-effective materials that are striking and built to last. Read more on this article.