Demand for kitchen renovations and upgrades will only continue to rise, especially because this particular section of the house contributes a lot to a home’s value. This is why homeowners in Long Island and elsewhere are more willing to spend for this kind of project. They find it even more appealing that it lends the most popular spot in the house a fresher and more functional look. Following are just some of the more popular kitchen design trends earning favor from interior design industry experts this year.

Discreet Storage

Traditionally, open pantries fail to draw much appeal in the kitchen because they promote a visible clutter instead of a smartly organized arrangement. To strike a compromise between aesthetics and functionality, hidden storage cubbies or cabinets are becoming more mainstream. Multilevel shelves and drawers, discreetly tucked away or lying behind another door or panel, prove to be clutter busters when it comes to countertops. Read more from this blog:


The Best of 2017 Kitchen Design Trends that Deserve Your Attention


To most families, the kitchen is a rather sacred place. It’s where you gather to share food, stories and laughter. It is the one room in your house that can guarantee both sustenance and comfort. This is why it’s perfectly understandable that you take a lot of time to come up with a new kitchen design for your home.

There are so many things to consider that stretch well beyond the realm of mere aesthetics. Knowing the latest trends in kitchen design around Long Island can help you to figure out all the elements you want to incorporate. These trends alone can be a great source of delight and inspiration. Here are some worthy of your consideration. Read more from this blog.

Open Kitchen Design for Long Island Homes-4 Tips to Renovation Success


Opening the kitchen up to adjacent living areas is not only a great way to create the illusion of a large space. It can also make the kitchen a more social place to be. Open up your kitchen to your living room, dining room, or even the patio or backyard and make it the true heart of your home. If this sounds like a fun idea to incorporate in your home, here are some of the considerations you must discuss with your Long Island kitchen design professional before you proceed with the remodel.

Define kitchen zones and layout

The size and shape of the available space will define the layout of the kitchen, even in an open layout. Defining separate zones is important to having the kitchen design that suits your personal preferences. Identify where different activities must take place, such as preparation, cooking, and cleanup, and look to maximize ergonomics and efficiency. Post originally appeared on blog page.

Decking Tricks Help Contractors Get it Right and Make Clients Happy


Decks serve an appealing extension to a home by providing families a place to gather and bond while basking in the beauty of the outdoors. Building a deck, however, requires a set of skills and knowledge that you, as a contractor, must master. There are many tips and tricks to help you make your Long Island decking project easier and more efficient en route to meeting your client’s’ needs and preferences.


The quality of screws you use to fasten a deck should never be ignored. It’s better to invest in high quality screws than to save money on inferior types, which are prone to corrosion. In fact, low-quality screws can result in deck discoloration and shorter lifespan. Usually, poor fasteners make decks rickety over time.

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Choosing the Right Decking Material

Deciding to build or replace a deck brings with it a few decisions that need to be made.  First, you will want to look at the variety of decking materials available.  From various woods, to PVC and composite materials, selecting your material will come down to preference, budget, and maintenance requirements.

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